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  Jodie Emery, RN.

Jodie Emery has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She began her career in the operating room assisting doctors with various types of surgery, to training nurses how to assist doctors in various types of surgery.


After being the Charge Nurse for Centinela Hospital for 10 years, she began to focus on Plastic Surgery and became the Director of Nursing for Bedford Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California.


Soon she began injecting Collagen and Botox with three prominent Beverly Hills Plastic surgeons, gaining professional notariety as an artistic beauty expert in her field.


Jodie has been featured in US Weekly magazine, In-Touch magazine and Women’s Own magazine. She also demonstrated her injection talents on the famous TV show Extreme Makeover and the Oprah Show.


In 2000, she joined Dr. Garth Fisher in Beverly Hills and continued to use her creative talents to make all of her patients more youthful and beautiful.


Her clientele range from soccer moms, business men and women to celebrities. Jodie is well known for her creative eye, conservative and natural approach. Patients from all over the world seek her artistic talents.

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