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"Jodie has been doing my botox and fillers for over 10 years.  I can't imagine going to anyone else. I hope she never retires!"

Cheryl W.



"Being a mom over the years, my focus was on my family and not me. I never even thought of doing injectables until my friend referred me to Jodie. I never realized how weary my face looked until afterwards! I trust Jodie to my face forever"

Lisa M.



"My lips were always so thin...Jodie gave me perfectly plump lips."

Cathy B.



"I got botox around my eyes for my 20 year high school renuion. I looked like I did at my graduation!"

Bridget L.


"I am so happy my friend gave me her beauty secret... Jodie Emery RN!"

Mona T.


"I had lost alot of weight, Jodie gave me my full cheeks back. Thank you Jodie,"

Karen C.



"I wanted fuller lips, Jodie did it perfectly."

Judy L.




"I always looked so angry, Jodie put botox between my eyebrows. I look so relaxed and calm now!"

Linda L.



"I started getting Botox from Jodie 17 years ago.  Over the years she has helped me fight the aging process with Juvederm and Botox. I love how my face looks.  I don't look older,...I just look better.  I moved to San Diego a few years ago but I will always drive to Beverly Hills for Jodie.  She is the best!"

Cindy B.


"Jodie is talented and extremely nice, calm and trusting.

I love how she makes me feel and look." 

Mary M.


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